With over 400 projects worldwide, our specialists can apply their Professional experience to resolve your specific project needs.

Snapshot of projects where our specialists played a key role include:

Wind Energy

  • Tripod, Wind Farm and Solar Farm – Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) of a wind farm and a solar farm, Panama.

  • Root-cause analysis for deforestation by a renewable energy project.

  • Environmental & Social Due Diligence (ESDD) 6 wind farms in Chile.

  • Envision Wind Farms Project, Argentina. Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD) for four (4) wind farm projects in Argentina.

  • Los Hercules 97.2MW Wind Farm Project, Argentina

  • Owners Engineer for Angelito 200MW Wind Farm Project, Argentina – E&S Gap Analysis

  • ESDD and Construction Monitoring Kosten Wind Farm, Argentina.

  • ESDD of three (3) Genneia-SMBC Wind Farm Projects, Argentina.

  • Pomona Wind Farm Project, ESDD Argentina

  • Bicentenario Wind Farm Project, ESDD Argentina.

  • Warnes Wind Farm, Confidential Client, Warness Bolivia. Biodiversity, Fatal Flaw Analysis and ESDD.

  • Orosi Wind Farm, EX-IM/FMO/BICSA, Costa Rica – Environmental and social annual operations monitoring

  • ESDD Chinchayote Wind Farm, Confidential Client, Honduras Environmental and social due diligenceand construction monitoring

  • San Marcos II Wind Farm, Confidential Client, Honduras Environmental and social due diligence review and construction monitoring

  • ESDD Peralta Wind Farm, Confidential Client, Uruguay Environmental and social due diligence, construction/operations monitoring.

  • Alisios Project Wind Farms, FMO/Proparco/OeEB, Costa Rica (2014-ongoing) – Environmental and social due diligence review.

  • Warness Windfarm Project in Bolivia. biodiversity management plans for birds and bats. Recommendations for improvements.

  • El Angelito Windfarm Project, Chubut, Argentina. Environmental evaluation of the project.

  • Environmental & social risk evaluation of two (2) windfarm projects in Brazil (Confidential Client).

  • El Ejido Jacume Tecate Wind Farm, Mexico: red flag assessment

  • Renewable energy projects (Windfarms) in Talara & Cupisnique, Peru: IFC-PS Gap Analysis

  • Penonome windfarm Project (Confidential), Panama. Assessment of noise and shadow flicker impacts on receptors.

  • Deforestation caused by the development of a windfarm project in Peru –Roadmap and recommendations for ESMS improvement.

Solar Energy

  • Construction Monitoring Report of a 150MW solar photovoltaic (PV) Project, Helios solar PV plant, Zacatecas, Mexico.

  • Honduras: Environmental & social monitoring of construction and operations of a PV solar power plant (confidential client)

  • Choluteca Honduras power project: Red flag assessment for the acquisition of two (2) potential Solar Projects Choluteca, Honduras.

  • El Velero PV ESDD. Project located in the Department of Leon, Municipality of Nagarote, Nicaragua.

  • Environmental & social evaluation (Acquisition Due-Diligence) of three (3) solar farm projects (Confidential Client), in Chile.

  • Red Flag Assessment, Choluteca solar power project, Honduras.

  • Bolivar Project PV Plants, Confidential Client, Uruguay/Chile/Brazil Environmental and social acquisition due diligence (E&S ADD)

Thermal Energy

  • Project Fast Argentina, E&S Gap Analysis against the Equator Principles

  • Hub River Power Plant ESIA, in Karachi, Pakistan, a study to assess the potential environmental impacts of a 1,200 MW oil-fired electric generating plant in Pakistan, for an $800 million loan from World Bank.

Canal Work

  • International audit of the Panama Canal Expansion Program (Construction) and its alignment with international standards.

  • International audit of the Panama Canal Expansion Program (Operation) and its alignment with international standards.

  • Grand Canal of Nicaragua ESIA. Hong Kong Nicaragua Development (HKND).

  • Environmental and Socioeconomic Feasibility Study (FS), Panama Canal Expansion Program: New Locks, Canal Dredging, Canal Widening and Related Construction. Panama Canal Authority (PCA), Panama

Ports and Airports

  • New Shanghai Deep Sea Port and bridge to mainland, Feasibility Study, China

  • Puerto Bahia’s, Colombia – Alignment of construction and operation with IFC Performance Standards.

  • Artificial Island Panama. Environmental Studies/Feasibility Study Artificial Island and Port at the Pacific Entrance of the Canal.

  • Environmental and social feasibility studies and port master planning (international standards). Port of Port of Santos, Brazil.

  • E&S Assessment for the Expansion of the Port of Praia, Cape Verde.

  • International environmental audit of six (6) international airports developed by Aerodom, Dominican Republic.

  • Environmental assessment of international airports in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Namibia, Sri Lanka.

  • Alignment of Puerto Bahia’s construction and operation with IFC Performance Standards (Cartagena, Colombia).

Oil & Gas

  • Eco-Oil ESDD, Panama. Environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) for the installation of a Slop oil recovery and treatment plant

  • Magdalena Logistics Chain and Impala terminals, Magdalena River, Colombia. Assessing alignment with IFC-PS.

  • IFC-PS Gap Analysis and Supplemental Lenders Information Package (SLIP) for offshore gas fields in Israel.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and licensing for an LNG-fired Power Plant and associated FSRU in La Union, El Salvador.

Transport, bridges and roads

  • Environmental and social evaluation of transport alternatives for a corridor between Israel-Palestine (Gaza-Hebron).

  • Environmental Studies for Marine Traffic Risk Assessment. Port of The Americas (PTA) in Puerto Rico.

  • E&S evaluation of the VIADOM highway project and its alignment with IADB Environmental Safeguards, Dominican Republic.

  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence/Analysis of the 3rd Bridge over the Panama Canal. Manages the semi-annual monitoring (environmental, social, and health & safety issues) of construction works.

  • Third (3rd) Bridge Over the Panama Canal, Panama – Environmental and Social construction monitoring.

  • E&S ESDD and Construction Monitoring for Toll road in Colombia.


  • IFC-PS Gap Analysis and Supplemental Lenders Information Package (SLIP) for a mining project in Chile and Argentina.

  • Mining project in northern Colombia (Confidential): Gap Analysis, and Supplemental Lenders Information Package (SLIP).

  • Environmental Biological studies for the completion of an Environmental Impact Assessment of mining tailings discharges in the marine environment surrounding Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea.

  • Port of Matarani, Peru. Environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) for a port area handling mining ore from regional mines.

  • Port of Matarani, Peru. E&S construction monitoring for the expansion of a port area handling mining ore from regional mines.

Sustainable Coastal Tourism

  • Integrated Coastal Management Plan for the Pearl Islands Archipelago, Panama. Reaching multi- sectoral agreements to develop a zoning of commercial and development activities for more than 170 islands.

  • Sustainable Coastal Tourism in Asia (SCOTIA) Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

  • Sustainable Coastal Tourism Strategy for Northern Shore and Bay Islands, Honduras. Regional strategy World Bank funded.

  • Environmental Impact and Socioeconomic Assessment (EISA), Cap Cana Real Estate/Tourism Development Project. The Dominican Republic.

  • Feasibility Evaluation, Trump- Cozumel Island, Mexico. Coastal real estate and tourism development project on Cozumel Island.

  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence of the Ritz- Carlton Hotel Pearl Island Project, Panama.


  • Environmental and Health and Safety (EHS) Due-Diligence (ESDD) of a tire factory in Hadera, Israel. Effort included a broad level Sustainability assessment for a potential transaction associated with a tire manufacturing company.

  • Environmental and Social Environmental Assessment for nine (9) economic activities of USAID-INMA Agribusiness Program. Central and Northern Iraq.

  • Environmental and social studies for the Hydroelectric Project of El Diquis, Costa Rica.

  • Study and planning of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in the development of 30-year urban growth scenarios planning for the City of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

  • Regional migratory bird assessment in relation to wind energy development. Patagonia, Argentina.